Saturday, January 26, 2008

Singapore stops foreigners from singing

Singapore stops foreigners from singing complaints

Saturday, Jan 26, 2008 6:20PM UTC

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - A choir that planned to sing a list of complaints about life in Singapore cancelled its performances after the city-state banned its foreign members from singing, organizers said on Saturday.

The 60-member "complaints choir", a concept that originated from two Finnish artists, was scheduled to perform at a weekend festival but authorities granted a performance license on the condition that the foreigners would not participate.

"Our conductor is Malaysian, so how could the choir go ahead without him?" said Melissa Lim, the festival organizer.

Singapore's Media Development Authority said the license was conditional because the lyrics touched on "domestic affairs" and it preferred only Singaporeans take part.

Some of the complaints that would have been sung included, "when a pregnant lady gets on the train, everyone pretends to sleep" and "when I'm hungry at the food court, I see people (reserve) seats with tissue paper".

Singapore, which faces a low birth rate and a graying population, has turned increasingly to immigrants to boost its work force. It aims to add another 2 million people to the island's 4.7 million people over the next 40 to 50 years.

The city-state is frequently criticized by human rights groups for its restrictions on expression and the media.

(Reporting by Melanie Lee; Editing by Michael Winfrey)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

my tribute to LED ZEPPELIN

Formed from the ashes of British blues-rockers the Yardbirds, Led Zeppelin shot to the stratosphere in the early 1970s. With Dionysian frenzy and a blast of blues-drenched riffs, they became one of the biggest bands of the era. Their intense musical excursions helped define the sound of hard rock, while their penchant for folk balladry added to their mystique as rock gods. The group called it quits after the death of drummer John Bonham in 1980, and remaining members Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, and John Paul Jones pursued (mostly) separate musical ventures.

This pivotal heavy rock quartet was formed in October 1968 by British guitarist Jimmy Page (b. James Patrick Page, 9 January 1944, Heston, Middlesex, England) following the demise of his former band, the Yardbirds. John Paul Jones (b. John Baldwin, 3 June 1946, Sidcup, Kent, England; bass, keyboards), a respected arranger and session musician, replaced original member Chris Dreja, but hopes to incorporate vocalist Terry Reid floundered on a contractual impasse. The singer unselfishly recommended Robert Plant (b. 20 August 1948, West Bromwich, West Midlands, England), then frontman of struggling Midlands act Hobbstweedle, who in turn introduced drummer John Bonham (b. 31 May 1948, Birmingham, England, d. 25 September 1980), when first choice B.J. Wilson opted to remain with Procol Harum. The quartet gelled immediately and having completed outstanding commitments under the name "New Yardbirds", became Led Zeppelin following a quip by the Who's Keith Moon, who, when assessing their prospects, remarked that they would probably "go down like a lead Zeppelin".
They were guided and managed by Peter Grant (b. 5 April 1935, London, England, d. 21 November 1995). He was best known as the heavyweight manager of all UK rock groups, both in size and stature. Armed with a prestigious contract with Atlantic Records, the group toured the USA supporting Vanilla Fudge prior to the release of their explosive debut, Led Zeppelin, which included several exceptional original songs, including "Good Times, Bad Times", "Communication Breakdown", "Dazed And Confused' - a hangover from the Yardbirds" era - and skilled interpretations of R&B standards "How Many More Times?" and "You Shook Me". The set vied with Jeff Beck's Truth as the definitive statement of English heavy blues/rock, but Page's meticulous production showed a greater grasp of basic pop dynamics, resulting in a clarity redolent of 50s rock 'n' roll. His staggering dexterity was matched by Plant's expressive, beseeching voice, a combination that flourished on Led Zeppelin II.
The group was already a headline act, drawing sell-out crowds across the USA, when this propulsive collection confirmed an almost peerless position. The introductory track, "Whole Lotta Love", a thinly veiled rewrite of Willie Dixon's "You Need Love", has since become a classic, while "Livin' Lovin' Maid (She's Just A Woman)" and "Moby Dick", Bonham's exhibition piece, were a staple part of the quartet's early repertoire. Elsewhere, "Thank You" and "What Is And What Should Never Be" revealed a greater subtlety, a factor emphasized more fully on Led Zeppelin III. Preparation for this set had been undertaken at Bron-Y-Aur cottage in Snowdonia (immortalized in "Bron-Y-Aur Stomp"), and a resultant pastoral atmosphere permeated the acoustic-based selections "That's The Way" and "Tangerine". "The Immigrant Song" and "Gallows Pole" reasserted the group's traditional fire and the album's release confirmed Led Zeppelin's position as one of the world's leading attractions. In concert, Plant's sexuality and Adonis-like persona provided the perfect foil to Page's more mercurial character, yet both individuals took full command of the stage, the guitarist's versatility matched by his singer's unfettered roar.
Confirmation of the group's ever-burgeoning strengths appeared on Led Zeppelin IV, also known as "Four Symbols", the "Runes Album" or "Zoso", in deference to the fact that the set bore no official title. It included "Stairway To Heaven", a group tour de force. Arguably the definitive heavy-rock song, it continues to win polls, and the memorable introduction remains every guitar novice's first hurdle. The approbation granted this ambitious piece initially obscured other tracks, but the energetic "When The Levee Breaks" is now also lauded as a masterpiece, particularly for Bonham's drumming. "Black Dog" and "Rock 'N' Roll" saw Zeppelin at their immediate best, while "The Battle Of Evermore" was marked by a vocal contribution from Sandy Denny. IV was certified as having sold 16 million copies in the USA by March 1996. However, the effusive praise this album generated was notably more muted for Houses Of The Holy. Critics queried its musically diverse selection - the set embraced folk ballads, reggae and soul - yet when the accustomed power was unleashed, notably on "No Quarter", the effect was inspiring. A concurrent US tour broke all previous attendance records, the proceeds from which helped to finance an in-concert film, issued in 1976 as The Song Remains The Same, and the formation of the group's own record label, Swan Song.
Bad Company, the Pretty Things and Maggie Bell were also signed to the company, which served to provide Led Zeppelin with total creative freedom. Physical Graffiti, a double set, gave full rein to the quartet's diverse interests, with material ranging from compulsive hard rock ("Custard Pie" and "Sick Again") to pseudo-mystical experimentation ("Kashmir"). The irrepressible "Trampled Under Foot" joined an ever-growing lexicon of peerless performances, while "In My Time Of Dying" showed an undiminished grasp of progressive blues. Sell-out appearances in the UK followed the release, but rehearsals for a projected world tour were abandoned in August 1975 when Plant sustained multiple injuries in a car crash. A new album was prepared during his period of convalescence, although problems over artwork delayed its release. Advance orders alone assured Presence platinum status, yet the set was regarded as a disappointment and UK sales were noticeably weaker. The 10-minute maelstrom "Achilles Last Stand" was indeed a remarkable performance, but the remaining tracks were competent rather than fiery and lacked the accustomed sense of grandeur. In 1977 Led Zeppelin began its rescheduled US tour, but on 26 July news reached Robert Plant that his six-year-old son, Karac, had died of a viral infection. The remaining dates were cancelled amid speculation that the group would break up.
They remained largely inactive for over a year, but late in 1978 they flew to Abba's Polar recording complex in Stockholm. Although lacking the definition of earlier work, In Through The Out Door was a strong collection on which John Paul Jones emerged as the unifying factor. Two concerts at Britain's Knebworth Festival were the prelude to a short European tour on which the group unveiled a stripped-down act, inspired, in part, by the punk explosion. Rehearsals were then undertaken for another US tour, but in September 1980, Bonham was found dead following a lengthy drinking bout. On 4 December, Swan Song announced that the group had officially retired, although a collection of archive material, Coda, was subsequently issued.
Jones went on to become a successful producer, notably with the Mission, while Plant embarked on a highly successful solo career, launched with Pictures At Eleven. Page scored the movie Death Wish 2 and, after a brief reunion with Plant and the Honeydrippers project in 1984, he inaugurated the short-lived Firm with Paul Rodgers. He then formed the Jimmy Page Band with John Bonham's son, Jason, who in turn drummed with Led Zeppelin on their appearance at Atlantic Records' 25th Anniversary Concert in 1988. Despite renewed interest in the band's career, particularly in the wake of the retrospective Remasters, entreaties to make this a permanent reunion were resisted. However, in 1994 Page and Plant went two-thirds of the way to a re-formation with their ironically titled Unledded project, though John Paul Jones was conspicuous by his absence (for want of an invitation).
The duo cemented the relationship with an album of new Page And Plant material in 1998.
The discovery and release of live tapes and video footage in 2002 carried the Led Zeppelin phenomenon over into the new millennium. Decades after their demise, the triple-live CD How The West Was Won entered the Billboard chart at No 1 in June 2003. Although their commercial success is unquestionable, Led Zeppelin are now rightly recognized as one of the most influential bands of the rock era and their catalogue continues to provide inspiration to successive generations of musicians.

DISCOGRAPHY: Led Zeppelin (Atlantic 1969)****, Led Zeppelin II (Atlantic 1969)****, Led Zeppelin III (Atlantic 1970)****, Led Zeppelin IV (Atlantic 1971)*****, Houses Of The Holy (Atlantic 1973)****, Physical Graffiti (Swan Song 1975)****, Presence (Swan Song 1976)***, The Song Remains The Same film soundtrack (Swan Song 1976)**, In Through The Out Door (Swan Song 1979)***, Coda (Swan Song 1982)**, BBC Sessions (Atlantic 1997)****, How The West Was Won 3-CD live set (WEA 2003)****.

COMPILATIONS: Led Zeppelin 4-CD box set (Swan Song 1991)****, Remasters (Swan Song 1991)****, Remasters II (Swan Song 1993)***, Early Days: The Best Of Led Zeppelin Volume One (Atlantic 1999)****, Latter Days: The Best Of Led Zeppelin Volume II (Atlantic 2000)****, The Very Best Of Led Zeppelin: Early Days & Latter Days (Warners 2003)****
VIDEOGRAPHY: The Song Remains The Same (Warner Home Video 1986), Led Zeppelin (Warner Music Vision 2003), Inside Led Zeppelin: 1968-1972 (Classic Rock Legends 2004).
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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Premier League clubs break transfer record

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Premier League clubs break transfer record

Tuesday, Jan 22, 2008

By Alastair Sharp

LONDON (Reuters) - Premier League clubs have spent a record amount on January transfer deals this year, despite the threat of global recession and chaos in credit markets around the world.

With nine days remaining before the transfer window closes for the season, around 93 million pounds has been spent by English clubs on new signings, already eclipsing the 81 million pounds spent two years ago and the 63 million last year.

Earlier this month, Chelsea, protected from the real economy by billionaire owner Roman Abramovich's cheque book, paid Bolton 15 million pounds for French striker Nicolas Anelka and spent nine million on Lokomotiv Moscow defender Branislav Ivanovic.

Moving from Bolton to Stamford Bridge also made Anelka the most expensive player ever, with a total of 86 million pounds spent by various clubs wanting his services since he moved from Paris St Germain to Arsenal as a 17-year-old for 500,000 pounds in 1997.

Rivals Liverpool spent six million pounds on 23-year-old defender Martin Skrtel from Zenit St Petersburg, making the Slovakian the most expensive defender in Liverpool history.

Liverpool themselves are the target of a buyout, with sovereign investment fund Dubai International Capital widely reported in the English media as offering their American owners 300 million pounds for the club.


John Williams, director of the Centre for the Sociology of Sport at the University of Leicester, told Reuters the continually rising revenue from television coverage was the main factor affecting the record spending.

"Consistently since 1992, pundits have speculated that the next television deal must be lower," Williams said. "And every year since 1992 the television deal has actually been higher."

The most recent three-year television rights sale, covering seasons until 2010, brought in 1.7 billion pounds for the Premier League, two-thirds more than the previous agreement.

Rights for television highlights packages and overseas broadcasting rights are negotiated separately.

"The clubs are happy to pay these sums of money because they presumably feel that on the basis of the evidence they have, the television income for the game will remain as solid and as buoyant as it is now," Williams said.

Another factor encouraging investment is the financial reward available for teams staying in the top tier and qualifying for the Champions League.

Williams estimates that relegation from the Premier League costs a club up to 50 million pounds, while the immediate benefit of Champions League qualification to a group-stage level could be worth up to 20 million pounds.

"The other returns are potentially much larger than that," Williams said. "If a club can stay in the Champions League for a while they can recruit better players, it means you get better sponsors, it means you can raise your ticket prices, it means you can get people buying shirts from around the world."


At least one million pounds has been spent on 22 other transfers so far, with some of the Premier League's struggling clubs spending heavily in an attempt to avoid relegation.

Derby, almost certain to go straight back to the Championship (second division) after winning just one of their 23 league games to date, paid 1.1 million pounds to Blackburn Rovers for Welsh international midfielder Robbie Savage and spent two million on 25-year-old Argentine striker Emanuel Villa.

Among other clubs looking over their shoulders at the drop, 16th-placed Birmingham paid Everton five million pounds for Scottish international James McFadden and bought David Murphy from Hibernian for 1.5 million.

Fulham, who have also plummeted down the table after a poor run of form, appointed Roy Hodgson to turn around fortunes at the club.

He promptly signed Brede Hangeland from FC Copenhagen and a five-million-pound bid for Watford striker Marlon King is still being negotiated.

For now, Premier League clubs can be sure of a strong balance sheet due to television fees and healthy sponsorship deals.

However, the next auction of Premier League coverage is due in 2009 and, with a global slowdown looming, may not bring in as much money.

"They (clubs) may look at the wider economic picture and maybe begin to question their assumptions," Williams said.

(Editing by Mike Collett)

Sundance film festival

Docs are hot at Sundance

Tuesday, Jan 22, 2008

By Bob Tourtellotte

PARK CITY, Utah (Reuters) -
The Sundance Film Festival entered its second week on Monday amid a cooling market for buying films, while documentaries stole the spotlight and Hollywood insiders defended the indie spirit of star-filled movies like "What Just Happened?"

Sundance is the top U.S. festival for movies made outside Hollywood and 2008's first stop for distributors of independent films looking to snap up titles they hope will be among the hottest movies in art houses for this year and 2009.

Coming into the festival, buzzed-about films included "Sunshine Cleaning," about sisters who clean murder scenes, "The Wackness," telling of the friendship between a pot-smoking psychiatrist and his dope-dealing teenage client, and "The Great Buck Howard," a tale of movie star eccentricity.

But in the marketplace for movies that takes place on the Sundance sidelines, none of those titles had found a buyer, most were receiving so-so reactions from audiences, and many of the formal reviews were mixed at best.

"The story so far is good movies but not commercial movies," said David Poland, founder of Web site Movie City News and a veteran Sundance watcher.

Before the festival began, some in the industry expected sellers would find a hot marketplace because distributors would be looking to fill their pipelines in case the Hollywood writers strike continued indefinitely and left them without movies to make.

But late last week, film and television directors settled a contract with major studios, and insiders think the striking Writers Guild of America will agree to a similar deal quickly.

"It seems to me the writers don't have much choice," said Art Linson, producer of "What Just Happened?", an insider's look at making Hollywood movies and one major producer's life.


Like other films including Linson's comedy "Sunshine Cleaning," directed by Barry Levinson, raised eyebrows of some low-budget filmmakers at Sundance who questioned how they could compete with films starring the likes of Robert De Niro and Sean Penn. "Sunshine Cleaning" has Amy Adams and Emily Blunt.

Linson and Levinson defended the independent spirit of their movie, saying it was without studio funds to retain storytelling freedom, and the stars worked for less than their normal salaries.

"Why should high-powered actors be penalized and have people say they can't make a smart, cool movie," Linson said. "If 'independent' means coming together to do something that is a labour of love, then this is a truly independent movie."

With the cooling market for fictional films, attention shifted to documentaries, or "docs." One title that sold this past weekend was "Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired," about the Oscar-winning director convicted of unlawful sex with a minor.

"Polanski" was bought by Weinstein Co. for international distribution and by HBO's documentary unit for North America.

Music-themed nonfiction films also drew much attention, including "Young @ Heart," about a chorus of senior citizens who sing their own versions of rock songs, and "Patti Smith: Dream of Life," about the former punk rocker.

"Young @ Heart" is wowing audiences, and director Stephen Walker reckoned one reason was because it didn't have any stars. "Sundance isn't about glamour, and that works for this film," he told Reuters.

Irish band U2 drew a huge media crush when they arrived at Sundance to show "U2 3D," which is a digital, three-dimensional film of their 2006 "Vertigo" tour through South America.

Sundance still has six days to go, and many more movies to be seen among the some 120 feature films that are playing here. The event ends on January 27 following an awards ceremony.

(Editing by Jane Clark and Philip Barbara)

Sexy Thai airline stewardess

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Longer skirts and fewer fights for Thai airline soap

Tuesday, Jan 22, 2008

BANGKOK (Reuters) - The producer of a sexy Thai soap opera about young air hostesses promised longer skirts and fewer catfights on Tuesday after real flight attendants complained the show was sexist and should be yanked from the airwaves.

The makers of "The War of Angels", which portrays stewardesses fighting for the attention of male pilots at a fictional airline, apologised to staff at national carrier Thai Airways who said the show was demeaning.

"There won't be any more catfight scenes between flight attendants while they are on duty or in uniform in public," Takonkiet Viravan, managing director of production house Exact, told a packed news conference.

"The skirts our actresses wear are not shorter than those worn by hostesses at other international airlines. But we will make our skirts longer," he said.

Airline staffers had complained that the fictional flight attendants wore a too-revealing skirt cut above the knee with a front slit.

The airline's union complained to the Culture Ministry on Tuesday that the prime time show, which has a PG-13 rating, insulted its members and demanded the show be dropped from an army-run television channel.

"Such distortions could mislead society, especially youths, to misunderstand or hate people in this profession in every airline, including Thai Airways," acting union president Somsak Srinual said in a statement.

Ministry officials said they had no authority to force the producer or the television channel to scrap the show, but would bring all sides to a Friday meeting to resolve the dispute.

Exact said it was willing to talk to the union, but pulling the show would violate "the rights of television producers".

"This soap opera does not encourage people to have an affair. Our message is -- faithfulness to your partner will help the family survive," director Nipon Pewnane told reporters.

(Reporting by Nopporn Wong-Anan; Editing by Darren Schuettler and Katie Nguyen)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

joke gadis desa yg lugu

Seorang gadis desa sedang merantau ke ibukota, sebelum berangkat ia diberi 3 syarat oleh ibunya dalam mencari jodoh di ibukota.
Ibunya berpesan 1. Carilah calon yg setia
2. Carilah calon yg mampu mengelola keuangan dgn baik
3. Carilah calon yg memang betul-betul perjaka ting ting.

Dua bulan di Ibukota sang gadis desa pun kembali dan mengatakan ingin segera menikah. Sang ibu lantas heran dan menanyakan ketiga syarat yg ia minta.
A : bu, waktu aku jalan sama mas Joni calonku dia membelai rambutku dgn mesra dan memegang tanganku erat2, bukankah itu tanda dia sayang dan setia bu?
Sang ibu langsung mengangguk setuju.

A : Lalu waktu kami jalan berdua tiba-tiba hujan deras sekali dan baju kami basah sehingga kami memutuskan untuk nginap dihotel. Supaya irit ia bilang bagaimana kalo nginap di 1 kamar aja. Bukankah ia pandai mengelola keuangan bu ?
Sang ibu pun mengangguk setengah mendelik.
Lalu, bagaimana kamu tahu kalo dia msh perjaka ting ting? Sang ibu mendelik tajam.
Anak : Ibu nggak usah kuatir, dia masih perjaka ting ting loh bu. Anu-nya masih baru, masih dibungkus plastik !!

*diambil dari blognya yayank,

joke kakek dan nenek

Suatu hari, seorang kakek masuk ke toko bra.

SPG : Selamat siang. Ada yang bisa saya bantu?

Kakek : Gini mbak...Saya disuruh istri saya buat beliin dia bra.

SPG : Boleh tahu ukurannya pak?

Kakek : Waduh mbak, ga tau saya yang begituan.

SPG : Kalo gitu besarnya aja degh. Sebesar semangka ya pak?

Kakek : Kegedean mbak. Kecilan dikit.

SPG : Jeruk bali?

Kakek : Masih kegedean mbak

SPG : Ehmmmmm sebesar telur bebek mungkin pak?

Kakek : Nah bener itu mbak. Kayak telur bebek...tapi yang didadar!!!


Di sebuah panti jompo....

Ada seorang kakek dan seorang nenek yg sedang pacaran. Setelah beberapa bulan, mereka sepakat untuk ML.

Singkat cerita, pada hari H, mereka melakukannya. Setelah bergumul beberapa saat dan selesai. Kedua berbaring kelelahan.

Si kakek berpikir: "Gile, ternyata nenek itu masih perawan. Seharusnya gw bersikap lebih lembut tadi"

Si nenek berpikir: "Gile, gak nyangka kakek itu masih perkasa. Tahu gitu, tadi gw lepas stoking dulu"
diambil dari blognya yayank

joke 3 dracula

Ada 3 drakula, mereka bikin kompetisi siapa yang paling kejam dan sadis. Drakula yang paling muda dapet kesempatan duluan. Tiba-tiba dia lari secepat kilat, terus 2 menit udah balik lagi. Mukanya penuh lumuran darah, seringainya sereem. Terus dia ngomong, "Lu pade liat desa di seberang bukit itu ?" Yang dua ngangguk, "Iya, liat." "Desa itu... habiissss !"

Yang paling tua panas juga. Dia juga pergi sekelebat, terus 1 menit udah balik, mukanya juga penuh dgn cucuran darah. "Lu liat kota yang itu?", katanya sambil mukanya nunjukin kalo dia bangga bener. "Iye, liat", yang dua ngangguk juga. Kota itu juga habiiissssss !", kata yang paling tua sambil ketawa serem, "Hua ha ha hah !".

Drakula yang satunya lagi tambah panas, dia juga pengen show off.
Akhirnya dia juga lari sekelebat. Temennya yang dua terperanjat, soalnya belum sampe setengah menit dianya udah balik, penuh dengan cucuran darah di mukanya dan matanya. Temennya yang dua membatin, "Gila ni drakula,.... sangar amat, ternyata dia yang paling jago".
Sambil ngos-ngosan dia teriak, "Lu pade liat nggak tiang listrik di pas belokan sana ?" "Liat! Liat!", kata yang laen.
"Sialan, gua kagak liat!!". kata si drakula.

*diambil dari blognya nadya,

Ciri ciri seorang netter sejati,

Dari hasil survey mengenai tanda-tanda terjadinya KECANDUAN INTERNET adalah:

1.Mas kawin yg anda minta di hari pernikahan adalah: Seperangkat Komputer, Modem, WebCam. laptop mutakhir Tunai !!!!

2.Bel Rumah anda bertuliskan: Click Here To Continue

3.Pintu kamar mandi anda bertuliskan "This Site Contains Adult Material, Please verify your age!" (I'm Over 18 Years) (I'm Under 18 Years)

4.Anda menanyakan apakah ada email baru utk anda kepada pak pos yg mengantar kartu lebaran

5.Mimpi anda selalu mulai dari atau http

6.Anda menggunakan search engine untuk mencari anak anda yang sudah 3 hari tidak pulang kerumah

7."UNABLE TO LOCATE YOUR SERVER !" kata anda ketika menerima telpon salah sambung

8.Anak" anda di beri nama agar kelak menjadi pegawai sipil, agar kelak menjadi mahasiswa abadi

9.Suara dengkuran anda sudah persis mirip suara kipas komputer

10. Anda susah menggerakan jari anda karena sudah online 36 jam

11. Anda menonton film "The Net" 65 kali

12. Ketika mobil anda jatuh kejurang, yang anda cari pertama kali adalah tombol UNDO

13. Anda diperkenal diri sebagai:

14. Anda membuat tatoo di badan anda yg bertuliskan "This Body Best Viewed with Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher" hehehe enakan opera 9 dong

15. Anda akan mengakses bila sedang bosen dengan pasangan anda

16. Ketika hidup anda mengalami depresi, anda menyesal sekali karena tubuh anda tidak dilengkapi dng tombol CTRL-ALT-DEL

*diambil dari blognya nadya,

Monday, January 14, 2008

Sydney in my mind

Travel, sydney, new south wales, australia
I am not really much of a world traveller to make trips around the world but thank God i have been lucky enough to be able to made some trips overseas.
My first trip abroad was to Australia in december 1989. It was a pleasant trip. My uncles accompany me to bali, after spent 3 days of sight seeing in kuta beach area we waved goodbye at the airport as i would be gone for 2 years to continue my study.
It was my first flight on boeing big top jumbo jet, originally i made reservation to fly with Qantas but actually it was caledonia air that took me to Sydney.
Sydney was a beautiful cosmopolitan harbor city surrounded by beautiful beaches. It did not take long for me to fall in love with this city. Manly beach, bondi, coogee to maroubra beach are so beautiful and very close to central busines district.
I was enchanted by the life style of this coastal beach suburbs, though i never live close or next to the ocean, but never to far either.
At that time i was moving around sharing flat with my mates in eastlakes, marrickville, dulwich hill and kensington.
I enjoy hang out with my fellow mates in kingsford and randwick, that is where most of indonesian student live. What good friends i had, those memorable days of dine out or having yum cha in china town or just driving around sydney larger area. I missed those friends. Thank you for being my friends, guys n gals, and thank you for the times we spent together.
Being a cosmopolitan city it also easy to interact with other people from other parts of the world, such as malaysian, vietnamese, mainland chinese, japanese, thai, iranian, native of pacific islander, lebanese, turkish, greek, italian and lots more, these are blend with the native aussie, wow what a colourful beautiful world .

I believe this should be the future of the world.
These people speak english with their own dialect so it is not easy to pick up or to improve our own dialect to standard australian english. There was a tv series that depicting these ethnic diversity called "wogs out of work" very funny and not degrading other ethnics bewdiful.
It was also good opportunity to try out the cuisine of the world, so many to try, but so far i guess my favourite was thai food or chinese. The local Fish and chips or burger are fine while on the run or fishing trip.
Sydney waters also fine for fishing. Me and my buddies always carry fishing tools in the car trunk, so it seem where ever we went we always caught some fishes.
My favourite fishing spot are pier one in the harbour front just below the famous sydney harbour bridge and by the cliff of north bondi.
During long week end we even ventured to gosford and newcastle to port macquarie along the pacific highway, the view was so marvellous. The most common fish we caught are silver n red bream, leather jacket, tuna, flat head.
It was not just fishing but the place, the people, the time, the trip that make it so wonderful. IT WAS THE HAPPY TIMES OF MY LIFE.

On long week end, we manage to drive to canberra via goulburn,only a short distance from sydney. Or went up to the katoomba blue mountains. Every winter i manage to go to thredbo, mount perisher and other spot in snowy mountains.
Other time we drove along the hume highway through wagga wagga, albury, seymour down to melbourne. The country side was so spacious, beautiful, the farm or ranch look so tranquil.
Melbourne itself also a beautiful city by the yarra river. A bit difference than sydney, but also nice. We visited a few friends and stayed in hawthorne for a couple of days before head back to sydney. to make the long stories short.
Times fly so fast when we having fun. Until i realized it's time to go home. My friends bid me farewell at sydney airport as we hug and say goodbye. So long brother and sister. Life went on to a new chapter back in indonesia.
I will remember australia as it was in my memory. I will remember sydney, i will remember my friends, those are the good old days i will cherished it in my heart

Pencurian Pulsa konsumen

Kalau kita lihat tabloid atau majalah yg beredar saat ini, marak bertebaran dengan iklan konten untuk handphone seperti ringtones, wallpaper, lagu mp3, Video, tips sms, games dll. Dimana seorang dapat mendownload konten tsb dgn mengetik sms: REG MALING atau REG PENCURI atau suatu kode 1234567890 dlsb.
Namun berapa banyak yg kecewa dgn layanan itu, karena mereka belum mendapatkannya Pulsa mereka sudah TERPOTONG. Umumnya orang kurang teliti dengan syarat2 download konten tsb.
Untuk berhasil ada beberapa faktor yg harus diperhatikan, misalnya tipe merk HP, Operator selluler, layanan gprs, konten providernya.
Salah satu link ini tidak beres/cocok jelas akan GAGAL proses downloadnya. Pulsa sudah terpotong konsumen gigit jari. Apalagi memang ada penyedia konten (content provider) yg NAKAL. Dengan menyembunyikan info2 tertentu. Dengan leluasa 'memanfaatkan' konsumennya untuk mengeduk uang.
Terjadilah pemotongan pulsa yg terus terjadi sampai konsumen membatalkan pendaftarannya (UNREG).
Operator sendiri nampaknya menutup mata dan happy2 saja dg modus operandi ambil pulsa ini. Karena mereka tentunya dpt keuntungan juga dari para content provider. Seharusnya operator menjaga keamanan para pelanggannya.
Siapa yg mengawasi para content provider ini?
Operator selluler sendiri sering 'memaksa' pelanggannya untuk berlangganan fitur tertentu tanpa persetujuan dari pelanggannya, tapi kemudian memotong biaya perbulannya, promonya tarip bulan pertama gratis. Namun sering tidak disadari pelanggan.
Sampai kapan pelanggan selluler 'dicuri' pulsanya secara legal seperti ini, siapa yg melindungi hak para konsumen?
Apakah pemerintah lewat Badan Regulasi Telekomunikasi Indonesia juga mengawasi dan mengatur masalah ini.
Betapa besarnya pendapatan uang 'haram' dari 'pencurian' ini?
Para operator di Indonesia (telkomsel, indosat, XL, mobile8, dll) hendaknya melindungi konsumennya. Please dong ah. kita orang bodoh tapi jangan dibodohin terus ah.

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Friday, January 11, 2008



MALAYSIA dan Indonesia Menumbuhkah jawatankuasa Perdagangan dan Pelaburan Bersama yang akan Mengenal Pasti dan Melaksanakan langkah-langkah bagi Meningkatkan Hubungan Perdagangan Serta Pelaburan Dua Hala.
Memorandum perjanjian mendirikan Jawatankuasa itu di tandatangani Menteri Perdagangan Antarbangsa Dan Industri, Datuk Seri RAFIDAH AZIZ dan Menteri Perdagangan Indonesia Dr MARI ELKA PANGESTU. Yang disaksikan Perdana Menteri Malaysia, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi dan Presiden Republik Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, di pejabat perdana Menteri di Putrajaya bersama Jemaah menteri dan Pegawai Kerajaan lain.
JAWATANKUASA DUA HALA yang akan di Pimpin Rafidah dan Dr Mari tersebut turut menangani isu-isu perdagangan dan pelaburan yang antara kedua negara serta membantu sektor swasta kedua-dua negara.
Jawatankuasa tersebut juga akan bertukar maklumat mengenai isu-isu berkaitam perdagangan dan pelaburan juga mengembang, mencari, dan menambah, mempelbagaikan perdagangan kedua-dua negara.
Januari sampai November 2007 jumlah perdagangan Malaysia-Indonesia mencecah RM35 bilion dibanding RM33.1 bilion pada tahun 2006. Indonesia adalah Rakan dagang ke-10 terbesar Malaysia pada 2006 dan menyumbamg 3.1% dagangan global Malaysia.
SUSILO berharap untuk melihat lebih banyak Pelaburan Langsung Asing (FDI) dari malaysia.
Produk eksport utama malaysia ke Indonesia meliputi:
petrolium dan produk petrolium, hidro karbon, transistor dan peralatan Telekomunikasi.
Import utama terdiri dari: minyak masak, Koko, arang batu, dan petrolium.
Jumlah pelaburan Indonesia yang di luluskan di Malaysia antara Januari-Oktober 2007 berjumlah RM39.1 Juta dalam empat Projek dan RM214.9 Juta dengan 11 projek pada 2006.
Pelaburan Malaysia di Indonesia Berjumlah RM975.1 Juta pada Januri-Oktober 2007 dan RM1 Bilion bagi keseluruhan 2006.


Malaysia tidak pernah amal diskriminasi.
" Kepada para pekerja Indonesia di Malaysia patuhilah Undang-undang negara Malaysia, dan Kepada Pihak Berkuasa Malaysia Berlakulah Adil Kepada Anak-anaku Yang bekerja Di sini"
Susilo berharap supaya mekanisme sedia ada berhubung isu pekerja republik Indonesia diperkemaskan. SBY menginginkam ada satu dasar atau mekanisme yang lebih bagus lima tahun kehadapan.
selain duta Ekonomi Susilo Banbang Yudhoyono Turut membawa rombongan kebudayaan dan Artis indonesia seperti: DIDI KEMPOT dengan Campur Sari dan Lagu Solo Balapanya. ROSSA dan Lain-lain. Konsert Bagi memperingati 50 tahun hubungan diplomatik kedua negara yang di siarkan secara Langsung RTM1 dan TVRI di bukak Dengan Pembacaan Teks PROKLAMASI oleh Presiden Pertama Republik Indonesia SOEKARNO.

Monday, January 7, 2008

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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Mentri Kesihatan Datuk Sri Chua Soi Lek ( edy306 )


PENGAKUAN: "Sayalah orangnya dan perempuan tersebut adalah teman wanita saya"
itulah pengakuan Menteri Kesihatan, Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek berhubung paparan aksi seks seorang lelaki dan pasanganya dalam cakra padat DVD.
Dr Chua yang juga wakil ketua Parti MCA dan Pengerusi MCA Johor dulunya seorang yang disegani dan dihormati. Beliu yang juga merangkap Ahli Parlimen/MPR (Indn) kawasan Labis sudah memohon maaf kepada Perdana menteri: Datuk Sri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Wakikil Perdana Menteri: Datuk Sri Najib Rajak dan Persiden MCA: Datuk Sri Ong Ka Ting Beliau mengaku secara peribadi memohon maaf kepada mereka.


tanggal 1 januari 2008 kira kira jam 3.00 Petang Dr Chua Dengan Serta Merta Mengundurkan diri Dari Sembarang Jawatan Yang Dipegangnya.
Menurut pengamatan saya Dr Chu adalah seorang Mentri Yang Jentel Karna berani mengakui Kesilapan dan tanpa sembarang paksaan mengundurkan diri sebagai Menteri Kesihatan, Ahli parlimen, wakil Partai MCA (parti politik kaum cina) dan pengurus Parti MCA Negeri Johor.
Dan ketua MCA Batu pahat

> Semoga apa yang dialami Dr Chua Perlu dijadikan Iktibar dan pengajaran kepada semua Pemimpin tak kira di malaysia maupun dunia.

VCD seks yang diedarkan dari rumah kerumah disekitar muar, tangkak, dan Batu pahat di rekam menggunakan CCTV sebuah bilik hotel, semua pemimpin atau siapapun takan dapat mengelak dan menafikan dirinya sekiranya terjebak masalah seperti dr chua Rekaman CCTV adalah nyata bukan superimpos. Maka hati-hatilah wahai pemimpinku karna banyak musuh mau meminjam kerusimu yang penuh dengan kemewahan. Polis Batu Pahat mengumumkan sesiapa yang menyimpan VCD Tersebut akan dikenakan dakwaan mengikut seksyen 292 kanun keseksaan yaitu pengedaran bahan lucah.

PM malaysia hari ini memberi jaminan kalau BN atau Parti UMNO Tidak akan terjejas dalam pilihan raya yang akan diadakan tidak lama lagi di malaysia.

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